I’m a B2B copywriter with an unfair advantage: I’ve grown companies before.

Until recently, I was Head of Growth and first marketing hire at ProdPad (product management software), where I helped grow annual revenues by over 250% through organic traffic alone. Before that, I was the first marketing hire at Kayako (help desk/ticketing software), where I developed a content strategy to organically create demand for a product that wasn’t even on the market yet.

How? With good, honest messaging across the customer lifecycle.  People love it when businesses talk straight to them – and I help businesses start those conversations the right way. My approach reflects the years I’ve spent working on user acquisition, but also aligning with customer success, account management and product teams to support their objectives.

Whether you want to call me Product Marketer, Content Marketer, Editor or just good old-fashioned Copywriter (and I’ve done it all), I’m here to help you get the right customers and keep ’em too.

I’m from the Washington, D.C. area, where I studied marketing and English at the University of Maryland before I packed my bags and moved to Europe. I currently live in Berlin.

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