Kayako had a solid customer base after 10 years in business, but they were looking for a brand and voice ahead of launching a new product.

Elevating the role of customer support

Though the product was still in development, there was no reason we couldn't develop a message that would help build our influence and credibility in the customer support space. In my competitor analysis, I found that while competitors were advertising with big budgets, none were developing content targeted directly to customer support reps.

I also found that there was a small but growing community of customer support professionals who were really passionate about their jobs and were working to elevate the role of customer support in their businesses. In the "#custserv" space, they were the influencers.

Over the course of a year, I produced blogs, Slideshares and marketing emails that would help Kayako build a brand voice that would really resonate with this community - and even feature them!

Check out these highlights

Going offline: The Support Squared meetup in London

As Kayako gained credibility and name recognition within the customer support community, I identified another opportunity: taking the community offline. Since we were in the center of London's thriving tech scene in Shoreditch, I organized a small marketing effort to pull together our first meetup.

Though it was a small meetup, it helped us meaningfully engage the same community of influencers we knew online for the price of pizza and beer. Over time, our investment in this initiative translated into new hires for the company as well as generated speaking opportunities for Kayako's founders.