When I started working with ProdPad in November 2015, the bootstrapped started had just broken the 300 customer mark. Now, ProdPad has emerged as a market leader in product management software with clients like Vevo, Autodesk and Ebay. Here's how I helped.

Blogging toward product-market fit

Much of our early growth was fueled by developing insightful and educational content for product managers. I served as primary content writer and editor for the blog, where we published posts like How to Build a Product Roadmap Everyone Understands and Our Product Roadmap Is Public And Everyone Loves It. These posts enjoyed significant organic reach because they were both authentic and presented strong commercial insights.

Blogging was also an opportunity to test our messaging with our audience. Once we had proof we had a message that sells, we began sharing it with wider audience. I then developed similar pieces for Invision, Trello (560 shares), Mind the Product (599 shares) and Business2Community.

Warm and personal brand voice

After trying a few, time-saving email tactics (RSS-style updates), we settled into a niche that (surprise!) focused on communicating in a personal way with an email list of 35,000+. Aside from receiving impressive open and engagement rates (35%+), these emails won real engagement from readers. One reader responded, "It's been a few weeks since I started my new PM job and this is exactly what I needed to see."

Converting trial users with Drip email automation

When we saw the trial-to-paid conversion rate drop, we began looking into ways to improve new user onboarding strategy. I led the end-to-end email strategy, from setting up the automation sequence to copywriting emails. It was a complex email sequence, but ultimately doubled our conversion rate. You can read the extended case study here.

Developing a high-converting webinar series

I developed a series of webinars that were remarkably successful, resulting in 300-500 signups each. The following webinar, "What do I do with all this customer feedback!?" brought in 350 leads who learned how to manage customer feedback with ProdPad - with a remarkable 85% of attendees staying through the end of the session.