My copy helps you get attention and sell more B2B products.

Here's what I did for ProdPad (by the numbers)

  • Boosted organic traffic by 400%
  • Increased new trials started per week by 3x
  • Grew customer base to 800+ customers

My job: get more customers

When I started working with ProdPad in November 2015, the bootstrapped company started had just broken the 300 customer mark. Now, ProdPad has emerged as a market leader in product management software with clients like Vevo, Autodesk and Ebay.

Here's how I helped grow ProdPad's customer base to over 800 customers - with zero advertising.

Product messaging strategy

I tested and validated what would become a key product message for ProdPad. After initially developing the post, "How to Build a Product Roadmap Everyone Understands" on ProdPad's blog, I spread the message to related SaaS audiences - slightly adapting for each audience.

I later developed an e-course that has brought in over 2000 leads from Fortune500 businesses like PayPal, Accenture, Home Depot and Condé Nast.

User onboarding strategy

When we saw the trial-to-paid conversion rate drop, we began looking into ways to improve new user onboarding strategy. I led the end-to-end email strategy, from setting up the automation sequence to copywriting emails. It was a complex email sequence, but ultimately doubled our conversion rate. You can read the extended case study here.

Email marketing

I also led the effort to grow ProdPad's email list to 35,000+ with an average open rate of 35%. These emails helped build the company's brand and consistently grow its customer base.

"It's been a few weeks since I started my new PM job and this is exactly what I needed to see. - ProdPad reader"


I led ProdPad's webinar program, planning and launching live sessions that regularly brought in 400+ leads each. The following is one of our most successful webinars ever, with a remarkable 85% of attendees sticking around until the end.