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Product management software

Core product message

Build a product roadmap everyone understands




—Go-To-Market Strategy 

—Content Strategy 

—Brand Voice

—Product Demos & Webinars

—User Onboarding 

The challenge

ProdPad was one of the first entrants in the product management software space. But it was such a new product category that customers were getting it confused with the similar-sounding “project management software.” 

My challenge was to create messaging that could cut through that confusion and generate demand for ProdPad among product and design teams. 

The outcome

As Head of Growth, I developed ProdPad’s core messaging and led an organic growth strategy that centered around “building a product roadmap everyone understands.”

Our messaging led to successful marketing partnerships with companies like Invision, Trello and Intercom. 

During my time there, the company saw:

  • 789% growth in organic traffic
  • 3x increase in new trials started each week
  • Over 500 new paying customers without a sales team

ProdPad now boasts international clients like Vevo, Autodesk and Telefonica.

"There’s a clear before and after once it goes through Nandini’s process. The clarity we have in our product messaging has been instrumental in driving up our annual revenues."

Janna Bastow

CEO at ProdPad



“The pitch deck for ProdPad follows the trend of minimalist design, but the real star in this presentation is the content. The friendly, informal tone seems more like talking to a friend over coffee than sitting in a meeting room getting pitched a product. The short sentences keep the audience engaged as they become familiar with the product and the added content in parenthesis feels like a trade secret being shared with you!”

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