What my clients say
  • "I've seen first-hand Nandini's ability to identify a fascinating angle - even from the most dry subject matter - and transform it into a memorable narrative."
    Consultant & Co-author of "How to Conduct a Comprehensive Competitive Analysis"
  • “There’s a clear before and after once it goes through Nandini’s process. The clarity we have in our product messaging has been instrumental in driving up our annual revenues.”
    CEO & Co-Founder at ProdPad
  • “Nandini brings a strategic mindset to copywriting. With her, it’s never just about words. It’s about developing laser-focused copy to hit our key business metrics.”
    Founder at Hanno
  • “Nandini helped us identify strengths in Crunch that we hadn’t considered before and crystal clear ways in which we could communicate our business to our customers. Totally recommended.”
    Founder & CEO, Crunch Accounting
  • “Nandini has an instinct for understanding who we need to speak to in an organization and how to communicate complex things to them in a simple and clear way.”
    CEO & Co-Founder at Kayako
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