Hey, I’m Nandini Jammi. 👋🏽

By day, I’m a B2B copywriter and product messaging strategist. I’m one of those annoying people who gets to do what I love: help businesses win over their perfect customers.

Also by day, I’m founding organizer of Sleeping Giants, the wildly successful social media campaign-turned-movement dedicated to making hate speech unprofitable.

Through my work, I’ve been named by Business Insider as one of 23 industry leaders “fixing” digital advertising in 2018 and a DigiDay Changemaker in 2017. I have also been recognized as one of 30 women shaping the B2B marketing space.

I’ve seen first-hand how a powerful campaign can change the world. Now, how can I help you transform your business?

📆 I’m currently accepting new clients for September 2019 and beyond. 📆

"[Sleeping Giants is] an oddly effective social media campaign..."
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I'm the go-to messaging expert for SaaS companies

Got a great product that you're struggling to explain? That's where I come in. I help SaaS and tech companies like yours generate demand for new products and products that need repositioning.

Feature Overview Pages

Turn your laundry list of tech features into a benefits-driven story designed to help your customers quickly grasp your product's value.

Product Homepages

Get to the heart of your unique selling proposition with a narrative that shows what you can do for customers better than anybody else.

You vs. Competitor Pages

Recapture your customers while they're shopping around - and show them why you're better than the competitors they're looking at.

Case Studies

Boost your narrative with customers stories that prove how effectively you have transformed the businesses you work with.

Mike Butcher testimonial
“Nandini is a trailblazer in the tech community, both in the fight to hold our field accountable and as a marketer. She has a rare and wonderful ability to cut to the heart of an idea, find what matters and genuinely create excitement around it.”
Mike Butcher
Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch

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How to write a product narrative

Storytelling. It seems like an activity reserved for tucking children into bed at the end of the day. Maybe that’s why this highly effective sales

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