The B2B buying process is not what it used to be

Today, 60% of the customer conversation happens before a sales call ever takes place. From forming first impressions to picking favorites, they’re doing it without you in the room. 

Your copy talks to more prospects than sales ever will  - and that’s where I come in. I help you generate demand by building a powerful case for your business consistently across the buying funnel. So when your sales team steps in for the last 40% of the conversation, your leads are primed, prepped and ready to close the deal.

B2B product companies call me for

Landing Page & Website Copy

Clear and compelling copy designed to get users to complete key flows like "Start a Free Trial" or "Request a Demo." 

Lead Nurturing Emails

Emails that convince leads to engage with sales or customer support during the critical free trial or user onboarding period.

Product Messaging

Building strategic narratives and value propositions to sell new products, plans and features. 

I've done it all before

Head of Growth at ProdPad

As first marketing hire at ProdPad, my work crisscrossed marketing, product and customer success, helping double their customer base and increase revenues by 250%.

Find out how my work across marketing channels helped define a new category and build a highly recognizable brand in the product management space.

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Content Marketing at Kayako

When I joined Kayako as first content marketing hire, the company was planning to launch a new product with a new approach to help desk software.

I helped build a voice and brand to help the business reach out to their target audience, customer support professionals as well as build relationships with influencers in the customer service space.

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