We are living in a new world of extremes — and with it comes a new set of rules for brand building. I draw on stories from the frontlines of one of the biggest consumer activist movements in the world to bring you insights you won’t hear anywhere else. My talks are designed to be engaging, non-political and highly practical. If you’d like me to come speak at your company, university or organization, get in touch with me here.

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The Sleeping Giants Story: Behind The Scenes

From a small Twitter account to a movement, Sleeping Giants became one of the most powerful campaigns in social media history practically overnight. In this talk, I’ll share the story of how our campaign began, how we built our community and how our grassroots collective sparked a permanent shift in consumer culture. I will also pull back the curtain and walk you through how activists develop and launch campaigns, so your company can be one step ahead.

How To Weather A Social Media Crisis

Life comes at you fast, especially when it comes to social media. In this talk, I walk you through the anatomy of a social media crisis — how they begin, how they escalate and what it takes to come out on top. We walk through IRL examples and work through our options together. This is a fun, thought-provoking and interactive session, and one that trains marketers and marketing students to understand the value of brand stewardship.

Women in Leadership: How To Claim Your Seat At The Table

Why don’t we see more women in leadership? In this talk, I share my journey from a well-beaten career path in tech marketing to forging my own as an activist and leader in the advertising industry. I explore what I’ve learned along the way, including how to manage imposter syndrome, advocate for yourself in the workplace and build a network of allies who will propel you to new heights. This talk is inspired by my Medium essay about leaving Sleeping Giants.

"Your ability to talk about an issue that is SO political while also showing how it is more a matter of brand security and customer affiliation is so amazing."

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